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Sample service letter is prepared by the manager to give to the employee as proof of his service. This letter is essential letter that provide help to employee for getting a job in different companies. This letter is mostly used in every business companies and institutions to keeping the record of the service of employees. The employee qualification, his service history, liabilities and experience of work include in this service letter. If you want to get a well prepared and well designed sample service letter template. So we offer you our designed and well formatted sample service letter template this template is prepared by us and all your required contents include in this letter. Given below you see nice and beautiful picture of this sample service letter template. Our provided template is ready to use format so you easily use this template after downloading. For your comfort we provide you a download button for downloading this template you click on button and make this template as per your requirement. We have designed this template in MS Word so you easily edit this template as per your requirement.

You can get help from sample service letter to write an effective service letter in short amount of time. There are different documents that can assist someone a lot to get a job in new company or business setting and one of them is service letter provided by EX employer. A service letter can be defined as a letter stating useful details about the employee at previous job like date of joining, resignation date, role of the employee in the company and service provided by the employee for company or business with a signature Human Resources director on behalf of the company. Most of companies save service letters to keep track of services provided by employees of the company. Sample service letter can be downloaded from web easily to write a spotless service letter efficiently without facing confusions and troubles.

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