Charity Funds Request Letter

Charity funds request letter sample is available here for your ease to compose a charity funds request letter. Countless ways are available to use raise funds for nonprofit organizations and… Read more »

Introduction letter

Introduction letter is sent from one company to another to giving the introduction of his business and introduce their self. This letter is used when a person signed a business… Read more »

Leave Application Letter

Leave application letter prepared by the person when he/she want to get a leave in during their work. This leave application letter is used in every business companies, school, colleges… Read more »

Government Letter

Government letters are documents written to government departments of officials for variety of reasons. Such letters generally demonstrates your complaint, appreciation, praise or any kind of regret etc towards government… Read more »

Reference Letter

Reference letter is just like a recommendation letter that is prepared by the person for getting a job and admission on the behalf of the other respectable person. This letter… Read more »

Reprimand Letter

A reprimand letter is an official document prepared by an employer or a company to an employee in order to warn him against his unacceptable behavior or poor work performance.┬áIt… Read more »

Resume cover letter

Resume cover letter is prepared by the candidate for sending job application to the management of the company. A person writes this letter when he wants to get a new… Read more »

Persuasive Letter

Purpose of writing a persuasive letter is to persuade someone to buy or to do something. Whether you are facing a problem at a bank, insurance company, employer or even… Read more »

Business letter format

Business letter is a very important document that every company use this letter and it is created in a professional way. The introduction of business, terms and conditions, agreement detail… Read more »

Letter of Resolution

Resolution letter is prepared by the authority and the board of director when he resolute their business and make different changing in their business. You can download Letter of Resolution… Read more »