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Appointment letter is an official letter that is sent to the manager and owner of the company for getting the appointment for a job interview and business meeting. This letter is used in any business organizations for getting the appointment. This letter may be prepared by the manager and send to employee after hiring a job. It is a very important type of letter and mostly used in business companies and offices. Here we offer you our accurate designed appointment letter template.  We provided you a free appointment letter template. Underneath you see the eye catching image of appointment letter template. This template is prepared according to your need. You can get this template free from our website without paying any charges. Find below this image we provided you a download button for downloading this appointment letter template you just one click on download button and get the image of this template for your own use. This template is completely customizable because it is created in MS Word.

Appointment letter is a best document to write when want to get an appointment for an interview, meeting or for any other purpose. Well written appointment letter is a sure way to get an appointment from any business establishment or company. Sometimes appointment letter is known as a document written to a job applicant by the human resources department of the company to join the company as an employee. Length of the appointment letters may be vary from single page to more than one according to the nature of contents and details to be mentioned in the letter. Writing an appointment letter is not a tricky job but little bit help may be required when you writing it for first time. Use of sample appointment letter is recommended by professionals to avoid errors and mistakes when writing an appointment letter.

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